Our Work

Community Defense

What is Community Defense?

Community Defense is the act of fellow working class people banding together to protect others in their communities from violence by any means necessary. This can look like many things, from brave neighbors who check in on issues involving domestic violence and providing safe escorts and sanctuary for survivors of abuse, rendering medical aid at a protest or providing armed security teams for events and spaces under the threat of fascist violence.

Why do you do this work?

At the time of this writing there is a huge resurgence in all manners of bigoted violence nationwide at the hands of the new generation of fascists, to the polo and suit wearing “alt-right” who are deeply embedded in higher levels of American society to street level nazi skinhead gangs, ku klux klan members and armed neo-confederates. Active Shooter incidents are on the rise, almost on a monthly basis which are mostly perpetrated by extremely unhinged members of the “alt-right”. Our timeline is dangerously similar to that of the rise of the 3rd Reich in Nazi Germany and those of us who are part of People’s Defense League decided we wont stand by idlely and we hope to be a bulwark against the rising tide of fascism and provide some form of sanctuary to our fellow community members while empowering them to take part in the struggle themselves.


We offer free firearms, medical and other related training to working class and marginalized people in a safe and inclusive environment. We have given training to many people since our foundation and work to empower people to defend themselves and their communities and not have to rely on white supremacist police state who usually do more harm than good.

Internally we train in many different skills such as advanced dynamic shooting, trauma medical skills, disaster relief strategies, and survival skills so our formation is capable to handle various threats and tasks in different emergency or crisis scenarios.

Disaster Relief

“Start over bags”

When a natural disaster hits we do what we can to alleviate the harm and stress put onto working people. We organize supply drives and collect donations which we disperse to affected communities.

One of our recent and effective initiatives are filling “start over bags” (pictured) with necessary supplies to be dispersed to people in our local homeless population that are frequently forced to leave all their possessions behind in order to flee storms and flooding in New Orleans.

We also have several trades people and people with medical training who can offer repairs, clean up and medical care to people affected by a major natural disaster such as the recent hurricanes.

Serving the people

When we are not doing defense work or training we do our best to help alleviate problems in the community, a major ongoing program we have is doing supply drives and distributions for the homeless along with providing a hot meal. We hope to alleviate issues as best we can, build trust in our community and show people that we do not need to rely on the government or corporations to fix problems in the community.

In the future we plan to organize other programs and mobilize more of our fellow workers in the form of neighborhood committees, communal gardens, community health clinics, tenants organizations, community work spaces and much more.